Pitchfork: Redux.

pitchforkHoly shit, Pitchfork Media gets a makeover and it looks great.

“Welcome to Pitchfork. We’re extremely proud to unveil our new publication and are confident we’ve greatly improved the way you’ll interact with it. We wanted to take a moment to show you around the site and point out a few things, since some items have moved, some have returned, and some are new. We’re still optimizing the site, so pardon our dust. ”

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Edit: Track reviews are back after a long hiatus, Animal Collective’s “My Girls” 9/10. True. You can listen to all the reviewed tracks as well. As of right now they are running a RIDICULOUS Apple ad that interacts with the whole page.

One thought on “Pitchfork: Redux.

  1. WTTD should probably hit up those Apple guys… we had like, what, eighty readers the other day? that’s like, eighty iPhones they could have sold!

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