Poster: Where The Wild Things Are.

So this came out today:

where the wild things are... grrr
The poster for Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are. You know, that old Mauric Sendak thang? God I hope this is good or else it’s just another, albeit more sacred, childhood memory being raped.

6 thoughts on “Poster: Where The Wild Things Are.

  1. @Nicholas j. Robinson
    yeah, i thought it was actually dead. glad to see it’s still coming out, especially since the promo images i’ve seen, including the one above, seem to be pointing in a positive direction. and by “positive”, i mean “dark”. which makes me “happy”.

  2. TINT, it’s always about child rape with you?! i didn’t see that you had more text below the image, by the way, so i guess that settles our little debate.

  3. @TINT
    my He-Man fetish has never gotten in the way of my work, TINTothy! and i can stop whenever i want! i don’t need them! i don’t need anybody! you don’t know me!

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