Rebels & Felt

The Renegade Craft Fair hits Los Angeles this weekend at the California Market Fair Downtown. Over 200 artists, including local favorites Bughouse, fomato, and Hearts & Laserbeams, will be showing and shilling all manner of delightful handmade goods.

There’s also music, Swap-O-Rama-Rama, and crafty workshops.

Go buy me something pretty

Go buy me something pretty


July 11 & 12, 2009


California Market Center, 110 E 9th, 90015

Admission: Free

Parking: $10

9 thoughts on “Rebels & Felt

  1. christ, Precoce. you never put up anything, EVER, but we can be guaranteed that any and every crafts related event will still find coverage somehow. thank goodness, otherwise we’d lose our readership of leagues of grandmas and kindergarten teachers.

  2. @jesus satan

    Well you’ve got the self-loathing, sexually immature, living-in-mother’s-basement, wanna-be hipster set covered.

    Besides, someone has to post things for people who won’t be too depressed to put down their niche porn and leave the house.

  3. @Le precoce feroce
    you mean absolutely everyone who is on the internet? good lord i hope so. besides BESIDES, if they put down their niche porn and leave the house, WTTD won’t get any more hits. it will be like the Simpsons when all the TV stations go off the air and all the children run out into the streets to play and it’s a new age, except the new age will be a bunch of hipster swine in brightly colored shirts and tight blue jeans and they’ll be smoking a lot of pot and snorting cocaine and drinking Pabst in YOUR STREETS and ON YOUR LAWN, Precoce. so you better think this through a little better.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA what if you could choose rainbow porn?

    i’m not talking gay porn. i’m talkin good ol fashioned porn featuring rainbows and naked leprechauns.

    thanks for the hearts and laserbeams shout out!

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