Return of YACHT: As Punk as Possible

You may remember YACHT from jesus satan’s attack on their mediocrity. Ok, probably not. More likely, you’ll remember YACHT from their defensive, meandering, holier-than-thou response to js’s post, which included this juicy nugget of pretension:

As far as the capitalization, the word “yacht” out of capitalized context can refer to commodity fetishism and an advanced capitalist culture that YACHT has prided itself in avoiding since its conception. The name of the band comes from an acronym, and the capitalized form is a sign of respect to this beginning.

I encourage you to read the whole thing, as an excerpt doesn’t do justice to the lameness of the response. (And BTW, YACHT, if you want to look smart, you should learn proper preposition use.)

In any case, the reason I’m beating the dead horse is this:

YACHT are opening for Yeah Yeah Yeahs tonight at the Greek. Which means many of us will get to experience their mystique first-hand. Since Karen O seems to think they’re worthy, I was planning on going into it with an open mind. But then I saw this interview. I think it’s the smugness that really grates. But I was heartened by their admission that they “try to be as punk as possible in everything [they] do.”

A warning: Grab your dictionary before you start, because this thing has more big words than the SAT.

Who else is going tonight? I wanna know what everyone thinks of YACHT’s live performance. Good? Bad? Ugly? Like nails on a chalkboard? Post your reviews of tonight’s show in the comments. This is your last chance to redeem yourselves, YACHT. Better impress us.

4 thoughts on “Return of YACHT: As Punk as Possible

  1. @jesus satan

    I know. I thought THIS segment would never end. I can’t imagine what they’re talking about for another 5 segments. Surely they run out of pentasyllabic words by segment 4.

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