RIP Jimmy Carroll.

basketball diaries - jim carroll
Jim Carroll, a consummate New Yorker, died of a heart attack on Friday, September 11th…a somewhat fitting date for the local legend. He was made famous by his book-turned-movie, The Basketball Diaries, in which a scrawny young Leo DiCaprio played the lead. The film tells his story of decline from high school basketball star to strung out addict who finds himself through poetry and then music. His 1980 album, Catholic Boy, is considered a punk rock landmark.

“Jim Carroll is one of the very few authors who convincingly brought his work from the printed word to the rock & roll stage, growing into a passionate and commanding rock singer as well as a tough, intelligent songwriter…” – Mark Deming

3 thoughts on “RIP Jimmy Carroll.

  1. Great Pic,
    “I was a catholic boy
    redeemed thru pain not thru joy
    now I’m a catholic man
    I put my tongue to the rail whenever I can”
    Catholic Boy is up there with Beggars Banquet

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