Run, Run, RUN to Beck’s site for his next Velvet Underground cover

i’m going to let Beck take over this site. LORD KNOWS he’d do a better job than me. new cover of the V.U. and Nico with Run, Run, Run. part two of his amazing interview with philosopher/musician Tom Waits is up, too. go HERE. now, damn you, NOW!

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico “Run Run Run” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

BH: I do. I guess there’s always been a plastic quality to LA. But it’s always had something underneath it. I find myself writing songs questioning where this is all going? Songs about everything turning into the ‘faux Mediterranean stucco retail living unit.’

TW: Yeah, it’s amazing we’re all responsible for its being built. The whole town is kind of like a folk song. It’s like public domain. You do have a hand in the building of it. It didn’t get built by one guy. This is what I envisioned, we all work together. Even in your house, the things you do to your house, well, someone will be living in it, and its what you did to it. And someone after them will be living in it. I get bothered by all the people you see every day that I’ll never see again. We’re surrounded by strangers. Millions and millions of people you see every day that are just like fish. They’re just extras in the movie starring you and you’re an extra in the movie starring them. It’s just peculiar. Then you’re really aware of it in a city ’cause there’s so many people and you’re just pushing through. You’re just like a sperm flipping your flagellum around, you know, trying to make your way through the city.

BH: Who you know and whatever situations you find yourself in with whatever people—it’s all sort of arbitrary. There are an infinite amount of doors you could’ve opened.

TW: And walk right out and walk right into another door and start another life six blocks away.