Saturday: International Pillow Fight Day!

Yeah so, this exists. This Saturday 4/4, is International Pillow Fight Day. LA’s special day even has their own website!


  • When:Sat 4/4 (3PM)
  • Where: Pershing Square
  • Address: 532 S Olive St Los Angeles, CA   Map
  • Cost: FREE!

World pillow fight day is the more legit site though. Look. Anyway, if you’re really itching for something to do on Saturday besides beerfest, beautiful beach day, or shooting guns near LAX like I’ll be doing, then you can do this. Looks pretty lame… Although this part excites me:

Suggested meeting places (for the after-pillow-party-party):
Rocket Pizza – 122 West 4th Street

Grand Ave Sports bar – 506 west 4th street

pete’s cafe – 400 south main street

bar 107 – 107 west 4th street

Seven grand – 515 west 7th street

the standard – 550 south flower street

the edison – 108 west 2nd street

pitfire grill – 108 west 2nd street

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