School Is For Fools, unless it’s P.S. 1’s Summer Warm Up Series

Hipsters, artists, musicians and young Williamsburg families flock to P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center each Saturday beginning July 4th weekend through September 5th for the annual Summer Warm Up series. Just the right mix of leading-edge art, experimental music and innovative architecture create the draw to this museum in Long Island City, Queens. MoMA, in conjunction with P.S. 1, chose a winner each year from their Young Architects Program to design the courtyard in which the main partying takes place. This year’s design “Afterparty” is constructed of silver mesh stretched over aluminum poles to form smoke stack like towers that match the museums industrial surroundings. Not only does it looks cool, but it is cool, since it also acts as a cooling “urban shelter” (that’s what you get from two Yale graduates). DJs spin a diverse mix from new wave, to rap, to acid jazz. Makeshift bars are set up throughout the courtyard offering a narrow selection of delicious micro brews to keep you, er, hydrated while wandering around the museum and dancing in the courtyard.

summer warm ups - queens

Summer Warm Up is in full effect, come out and play.

P.S. 1’s Warm Up Music Series takes place every Saturday from 2pm to 9pm through September 5th.  Check out the links below  for more info, photos and directions

P.S. 1 Summer Warm Up

Musical Line Up

Young Architect Program