Seriously, Eddie?

So apparently, the 20th anniversary of Pearl Jam is coming up. In 2011. So, like any good has-been, they’re starting the celebration 2 years in advance. (In case you’re bad at math, that’s now.)

Ten Reissue

Ten Reissue

To get this party started, they’re offering a reissue of iconic album and teen angst soundtrack Ten. As a special gift to you, they’re offering 4 versions ranging from the basic 2-disc remaster-remix to the super-duper-fantastic “Collector’s Edition,” which has cds, a dvd, vinyl, assorted “memorabilia,” and best of all, a cassette tape. The cassette tape is a replica of the demo Vedder created as his application for the position of “Pearl Jam Vocalist.” I suppose for super hardcore fans, this may make up for the fact that it is, in fact, a cassette tape. Maybe if you ask real nice you can borrow Grandma’s car so you’ll have a tape deck to play it on.

Considering that the only money to be made in music sales in the digital age is apparently in vinyl and cassette tapes, it’s no suprise that Pearl Jam’s label, Sony Music, is promoting the hell out of this. They’ve even set up a web site for The Pearl Jam Ten Game. “How do you make a game out of an album?” you ask? Well, you make a sort of digital jigsaw puzzle out of a logo graphic and then make it all gray and turn it on its side so it’s really hard to see what you’re doing. To encourage you to spend a half hour or so doing this, the site rewards you by unlocking a song each time you complete a row.

Apparently if you finish it, you get to watch some videos or something. I didn’t get that far. The game isn’t especially fun, and getting to hear a song I’ve heard a million times isn’t much of a reward. Especially since you have to either listen to the song or play the game. You can’t do both at the same time. (C’mon Sony, what century is this?) If you stop to listen to each song between levels, this thing could take days to complete.

Don’t get me wrong; back in the day Pearl Jam was all over my Discman. But considering I haven’t even bothered to put Ten on my iPod, I’m sure as hell not going to spend a couple of hours playing a stupid game so I can hear them through computer speakers. But if you want to, go nuts:

If you’re dying to get that cassette tape, the reissue sets go on sale March 24, with pre-orders already going strong.

And the best news? The reissue is only part one of the 2-year celebration. Stay tuned for part deux.