Shep Does it up in LA.

Shepard Fairey’s new massive mural on the side of the Montalban theater in LA:

shephard fairey lance armstrong

Commissioned by Nike to commemorate Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling. 20 artists gathered there this past Saturday to donate work that will raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Bonus: Lance Armstrong’s incredibly snooze-worthy Twitter page. Zzzzz.

6 thoughts on “Shep Does it up in LA.

  1. I just saw this today. I’m a huge fan of propaganda art, but I just don’t think Shepard Fairey + Livestrong = cool. These are the same people who got everyone and their fratboy cousin to wear those ridiculous yellow jelly bracelets, which are loathsome. This isn’t even the sort of imagery that lends itself to a propaganda-esque treatment. Boo.

  2. He might as well be doing “street art” for McDonalds. I’m just coming off reading all the sellout debates about Sheppy and the stabs at his originality… This just serves to put me on the other side.

    Seriously tho, Lance Armstrong’s twitter is goddamn boringgg

    (but these names are some buzzworthy keywords eh? wink wink)

    And at least they are curing cancer… or eating babies… or something

  3. I’m sorry I’m not all cutting edge like you two. I spent my weekend in the garden. I could write up a post about that if you’d like. But why would I if I’m only going to be criticized for it?

    Moving on and ignoring your insults:
    Another tragic tweeter: Eli Manning. It’s like a high school jock’s stream of consciousness.

  4. christ, Precoce, you spend your whole day online. you must find something worth talking about. it’s not like we actually go to this shit ourselves. we’re way too busy having sex with lots of hot models to actually go out.

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