Sneak Thief: The Art of Kelly Towles.

Whenever Wreck The Tape Deck gets an email that begins with “Rapscallions, hoodlums, and pugilistic ruffians.” we start paying attention. This was brought to our attention via Brightest Young Things (a very cool art/design resource). Kelly Towles is a DC-Based street artist who is proudly presenting his solo show “Sneak Thief” in Silverlake.

From the BYT email:
“Kelly Towles’ work deals with social isolation and emotional captivity.  He depicts people dealing with the society in which they live and the emotional arsenal with which each person is equipped.  Striking characters with physical deformities, boxing gloves, and masked identities reveal Towles’ vision of how individuals deal with the world around them.”

Actually cool stuff. Go look. The opening will kick off this Saturday at the LOOP space with beverages provided by Colt 45, Honest Tea, and Red Bull. YEAAAAH.

For more information, please contact Victor Nguyen-Long with
BrightestYoungThings Media at 571.594.0606 or or Anita Herrera with
POOLTRADESHOW at 323.666.5872 or

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