stop michael bay before it’s too late… boycott transformers 2

michael bay on south park

South Park pens up a douchbag!

ok you fcuks. i know that I didn’t go see transformers 2 over the weekend, so ONE OF YOU DID. well? i’m waiting? what i don’t think you people realize is that with every dollar you give to this director for transforming movies into giant pieces of shit, he gains just that much more influence, which means even MORE MOVIES THAT ARE TRANSFORMED INTO GIANT PIECES OF SHIT. so stop, right now, before i take away your privileges. and your car keys, because if you’re going to see it, then you’re clearly too drunk to drive.
transfomers 2 took in more than motherfcuking $200 million over the weekend, and i for one am going to do my part to stop the madness. here are links to awful yet hilarious reviews from pretty much everyone in the world who has seen it. so please, do your part to heal the world, and pass this on to anyone and everyone you know that still has a job and can afford to spend fifteen bucks at a movie. ROGER EBERT’S amazing review is a great place to start, and he follows it up with a sequel of his own on his blog here. the Awl discusses the only intersting part of the movie i.e. Megan Fox’s tits here, Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool bitches about it here and you know if he doesn’t like it the fucking thing must be terrible, The Onion warns of a dark future here, some interesting questions that need to be answered from The Stranger here, and the lovely as always Topless Robot discusses in length the unholy Transformers/michael bay union here, here, here and here.
at any rate, fuck you, michael bay. stop ruining my childhood.

fuck you, michael bay

the only explosion i'd like to see involving michael bay ever again...

6 thoughts on “stop michael bay before it’s too late… boycott transformers 2

  1. @anna
    i won’t be pleased until he’s not making movies at all and also the movie going public sues him for all of the time he’s wasted of their lives and so he is forced to pay us back each and every one his millions and millions of dollars in the largest class action settlement of all time, leaving him penniless, shamed, and wandering through the desert (any large desert will do) blind, deaf and dumb oh because i forgot to mention that also part of the settlement was that his eyes are exploded in his skull and his ear drums shatter and he bites off his own tongue when he is forced to watch his own movies over and over and over again because the judge decided it would be “ironic” even though bay has no idea what “ironic” means but he sure does now.

  2. I hope that Michael bay suffers a sudden heart attack while filming the third movie and that they get a descent director to replace him. If he does the whole movie then I will refuse to see it. Revenge of the fallen was so shitty and such a pile of crap wrapped in childish inuendoes to sell it to brain dead teens that it is the first time I have ever been ashamed to be a transformers fan and sadly I knew he was going to torpedo this franchise the moment i watched the first film and had to sufer through the 15 minute masturbation gag. If there is anybody out there who thinks he is a skilled director then for the love of god i hope they stay out of our comic shop or i’ll beat them with the movie series paperbacks. He truely is the weakest link in the transformers.

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