“Suppose this sparkler is radioactive…”

Adventures Inside the Atom

Adventures Inside the Atom

Nothing says fun like a propaganda comic book about nuclear power! Produced by the graphic novel super-team of General Electric and the US Government, “Adventures Inside the Atom” took the US by radioactive storm in 1948.

This is propaganda at its finest–atomic energy is good, atom bombs are good, and the United States of America is fucking amazing.

If they live in microwaves.

If they live in microwaves.

If you can wade through the scientific jargon (neutron “bullets”, “giant electrical atom smashers”, “atomic disintigrator guns”, etc.), you’ll find some top-notch indoctrination:

We’ll make believe these match-heads are U235 atoms…

Someday there will be enough power for everybody everywhere.

To end the war quickly, no effort was too great, Johnny.

Destroying all the atoms in this match-stick would melt all the snow in Switzerland!

Golly, that’s like spending dimes to get nickels! (Ok, so this isn’t indoctrination at all, but it’s still funny.)

Check it out for yourself in the National Archives. Who knew the US Gov’t collected comics? (They have Batman #1 too.) Because the government likes to make things hard, you have to go here and then click on the Digital Copies tab.

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  1. it’s just what I’VE been looking for. there aren’t nearly enough porn sites if you’re asking me… i’ve already gone through most of them.

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