Tessar Lo at LeBasse Projects this Saturday, April 11th THREE THUMBS UP FROM JESUS SATAN

i’m in love with Tessar Lo and he can take that however he wants (call me!). his first solo show is this Saturday at the LeBasse Projects. the equally as awesome Eric Fortune is also showing at LeBasse, although i’m not sure how you can have a solo show with two people. semantics, i guess. anyways, i’ll be there to find out, and so should you, especially since Tessar Lo will be providing 100 signed and numbered show catalogs, which will be all worth money and shit on eBay someday.

from LeBasse projects:
We are getting ready for the first Solo Exhibition for Tessar Lo this Saturday and he has provided us with 100 signed and numbered copies of a show catalog/zine. Take a look at the video preview here: You have to come to the show Saturday to get one…