The Ecstatic.

mosPF news brought this to my attention and I’m kind of excited (as excited as a person dying of pink eye and sore throat can be on the day after his holiday takes place and he has to sit home and cry himself to sleep). I’m talking about Mos Def’s new album, The Ecstatic. Way back when, you could call Mighty Mos the MAN without getting a weird feeling in your tummy. These days, after I just watched Be Kind Rewind within the past week (achkkk! ugghhhh…), you have to just respect the fact that he was once super cool. Could 2009 be his comeback year?

Go check the new singles on his myspace page and figure it out for yourself.

By the way, the cover art is a tinted still from Charles Burnett’s 1977 cult flick, Killer Of Sheep. After more research I found that this still has been used before! As a flyer… but still. It does say Summer 08 tho, that’s pretty recent, probably like right around the time Mos selected his album artwork actually.



6 thoughts on “The Ecstatic.

  1. wow. you’re like a hard boiled detective, except without the cheap floozies, and you sit all day in an office. you’ve got the drinking part nailed, though.

  2. I’m a detective of the cyber-age good sir. This isn’t the 1940’s anymore, as much as you wish and dream it to be… so you can take off the ridiculous zoot suit you’re wearing today.

  3. @jesus satan
    HA, touche satan. Not quite the same but I’ll let it slide because you’re such a slick hepcat. Let’s find some girls to go “necking” with this weekend eh?

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