The Go-Go’s @ House of Blues – 4/25

House of Blues? Really?

House of Blues? Really?

Love The Go-Go’s. Hate the House of Blues. What to do?

The only other option is the Grove of Anaheim. I’ve never been there, but it probably sucks too. Plus, it’s really far. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “The Go-Go’s @ House of Blues – 4/25

  1. oh, yeah, because the Go-Go’s are waaaaayyyyyy too punk rock to be playing at the HOB. i know that sarcasm doesn’t read too well online, but i’m sure you catch my drift. why are the Go-Go’s possessive, anyway? how can you like a band with a gross grammatical error as part of their name?

  2. @jesus satan
    I’m impressed with your grammatical prowess. However, the owner of a proper name is allowed poetic license with grammar/spelling, etc. Just like I don’t bitch at you for not capitalizing “jesus satan.”

    Punk rock or not isn’t the question, although you’ve already demonstrated your inability to distinguish between the two.

    But incidentally, The Go-Go’s are too punk rock to play at HOB. The Airborne Toxic Event is too punk rock to play at HOB. Hoobastank is too punk rock to play at HOB. My grandma is too punk rock to play at HOB. Pretty much Bret Michaels (even though I love him) is the only show NOT too punk rock for HOB.

  3. @jesus satan
    You started the whole grammar thing, Mr. Opposite of Punk Rock.

    I just really hate HOB. It’s not really the venue itself as it is the HOB-ness. (Although being located on the Strip is a mark against any venue.) I just hate the canned rock’n’roll experience they create. It’s like the Disneyland of music. It’s all facades and calculated “atmosphere.” Gross.

  4. except that there are all sorts of shootings, robbings and car hijackings… unless they’re all staged to give street cred to the HOB, i’m down with the venue and with a lot of the shows there. plus that’s where i met Jello Biafra, so it holds a special place in my black, black heart.

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