the king of pop is dead, long live the king… Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles

whoa. this stuff does happen in threes. first Ed McMahon, then today Farrah Fawcett, and now Michael Jackson. according to everyone but CNN (who says he’s only in a coma… [UPDATE: CNN WAS WRONG]), Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest. who are we supposed to make child molestation jokes about now? won’t someone think of the children?

Michael Jackson has died dead deceased

10 thoughts on “the king of pop is dead, long live the king… Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles

  1. Whats the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson?
    Neil Armstrong WALKED on the moon..
    Michael Jackson likes little boys.

    Let the jokes live on, it’s only fair.

  2. We had a wake for our dear departed MJ tonight, and I don’t think this is insensitive. Simply the truth (the dead part anyway). Preach it.

  3. Sucks… but you know, he did touch kids. sooo…

    A famous person has died (comic):

    I hear McDonalds is gonna introduce a sandwhich in Michael Jackson’s memory called the McJackson, it will have 50 yr. old meat in a 13 yr. old bun…

    Hospital staff don’t know what to do with the body as plastic recycle night is not until next Tuesday.

  4. @Kevin Kittridge
    yeah, well, he sure touched a lot of people? seriously, folks… i’m fairly conflicted as well. i honestly don’t think that he abused children in a sexual way. i don’t think he “touched them down there”, anyway. he had no concept of real human sexuality, just as he had no concept of normal human interaction.

    if anything, i do condemn him for highly inappropriate behavior, possibly in a way that he may have considered to be innocent, even though society in general would say A GROWN MAN DOES NOT SLEEP IN THE SAME BED AS CHILDREN.

    all this being said, the very first lesson i learned in Los Angeles is to divest the things that people have contributed to the world from the person themselves. Jon Lovits on SNL was hilarious and made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Jon Lovits in person is a miserable, morose piece of shit so wrapped up in his own despondency that he barely notices the world around him. this is of course my interpretation, and it’s plausible that many people would say the same thing about me.

    look at Nixon. he had a god complex and committed crime after crime based on biased and spiteful world views. but, you know, he also opened relations with China. nothing is ever black and white, right Michael?

    @Le precoce feroce


  5. @jesus satan

    Wow. Such deep philosophy from js. And I had begun to think he had no heart. MJ brings out the best in all of us. Except TINT, apparently, who is clearly just mean.

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