The Last Starfighter, The Matrix and Nightmare On Elm Street at The Aero Theater

woof, three nights of movies that makes jesus satan feel really fcuking old. on Friday, March 27th, Aero is hosting the 25th anniversary (good lord…) screening of The Last Starfighter, which every kid in the eighties saw at least a hundred times and gave us all justification to waste hundreds of dollars worth of quarters in the arcade. “jesus satan is practicing to save the universe, ma! can i have another dollar?” the director, writer, and others speak after. Saturday the 28th is the ten year (aaah, the good old days when Marilyn Manson roamed the earth, and big fat pants with oversized wallet chains were the height of fashion…) anniversary of The Matrix, with all three movies playing, and a discussion following from tech and costume design peeps… Sunday the 29th, and this could be pretty awesome, or it could be just kind of weird, has director Wes Craven himself doing a live commentary during Nightmare On Elm Street, which is also 25 years old. (ow, my rheumatis is acting up… i can’t hear you! speak up!… damn kids.)  can’t tell you enough how much this movie influenced me. not sure yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.