The Return of Bat For Lashes (pre-sale available now)

makeup tips from the hipster swine stars!

how to be just like Bat For Lashes...

Bat For Lashes has become kind of a big deal what with her sold out upcoming show at the El Rey on the 16th. well she’s all nice and shit and probably felt really bad that some people couldn’t see her show and didn’t want anyone to feel left out or anything so she’s having another one at the Henry Fonda on August 31st. wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad, now, would we Bat For Lashes? wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, now would we? fcuking bleeding heart liberals… stop ruining America, Bat For Lashes! there is a pre-sale right now just for her fans (christ… what a communist) at Ticketmaster here. use the password PEARL. everyone else gets to buy them starting at ten am this coming Saturday.