Think You’re Funny?

Like Family Circus funny?

Then enter the weekly caption contest on Craig Frazier’s DraWords. Every week, Craig draws a cartoon and wannabe writers, comedians, and other blow-hards write captions to go with the cartoon. Like a DIY Marmaduke.

There are no balloons or confetti or giant checks, but if your caption is chosen, Frazier puts the completed cartoon (words + drawing) up on his site and credits you for your comic genius. In the end, he plans to put them all together in a book, in which case your winning one-liner will appear there as well and you can buy 5 copies for your mother. Damn, what a great way to sell books.

So what are you waiting for? You can do better than this:

Are you funnier than this?

Are you funnier than this?

Click here to enter the caption contest at DraWords.

Shamelessly “repurposed” from VSL:WEB.