This Saturday: Chaka Opens at Mid-City Arts.

“Mid-City Arts is pleased to present the first solo show ever from the infamous LA graffiti artist, Chaka. Resurrection opens April 25th and will feature highly anticipated new work from the mysterious Chaka.”

This looks pretty bad-ass, not only is Chaka a Los Angeles legend… causing upwards of 500K in property damage while spreading his name…but he’s also a hard-to-catch kind of dude. As you can imagine by the lifestlye he lives as a widespread graffiti artist. So seeing him in person, SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS no less, is a rare opportunity. Should be a very cool show. It’s Chaka’s FIRST SHOW EVER. Info below the imagery:

Sat, April 25th, 7-9PM
Mid-City Arts
5113 West Pico Blvd in Los Angeles