This Thursday, April 30th: GrnAppleTree Free Party! DJ AM at La Cita! Downtown LA is on Fire!

This Thursday, hip clothing company GrnAppleTree is hosting an intimate get together in downtown LA. They’re gonna watch Akira, eat popcorn and drink Sapporo beer. It’s free, Akira’s sweet, and it’s early enough so you can start the night off and then go bang around the downtown scene. Perhaps hit up La Cita’s Dance Right.. let’s see who’s gonna be there this week OH SHIT DJ AM & THE GLITCH MOB! Get it LA. That sounds like a Thursday night.

GrnAppleTree Info:
starts at 8 PM, Akira starts at 9PM
2316 Porter Street

Dance Right Info:
La Cita
336 South Hill St. – between 3rd and 4th.

Also, check out Dance Right’s Flyer Gallery because they are all sweet.
And, check out GrnAppleTree’s online shop, 40% off all holiday 2008 items. Soooo last season, but hey, this is a recession.

DJ AM - danceright