TINT Goes To MALBA In Buenos Aires.

MALBA (not to be confused with NAMBLA, of which jesus satan is a member at local chapter #6969), the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, is a tourist hot spot in BA. Of course I totally knew that, I was just being ironic when I went. There was “no foto” allowed in the museum, the images you are about to see were taken with the discreet elegance of a seasoned international spy, this is the first time the world knows what lies behind MALBA’s doors…

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3 thoughts on “TINT Goes To MALBA In Buenos Aires.

  1. remember, i’m not just a member. i’m the president.

    some of these are fcuking DOPE. i love the handgun and the bullet holes in the glass over the body shots. so awesome, some great stuff. how come they have such great art? must be the water down there. TINT, you should start drinking the water every chance you get! it’ll make you a great artist…

  2. There was a whole set of the bullet holes in the glass stuff, really cool. And that bench bleeds out over the walls like spaghetti and goes onto the second floor where it turns into another bench.

    The weird thing is this is like a “real” museum… the stuff on the street is even more fun and I haven’t even been to the so-called “alternative” galleries yet.

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