TINT Goes To South America!

Eyyo kiddos. TINT is blogging from Buenos Aires, Argentina. That’s right, Wreck The Tape Deck has officially become international. Congratulations to us!

It took 4 planes to take me from Los Angeles to here. I landed in a lightning storm in Atlanta and hugged an old Chilean man for good luck. My bags followed me a day late.

This is officially my first full day of the trip. I’m gonna do my best to post everyday but obviously priority numero uno will be making the most of B.A. (aka: sloppily hitting on 15 yr old girls celebrating a quinceniera). I apologize in advance for all the incoherent drivel you’re gonna have to suffer through with Jesus Satan in charge of the blog. But don’t fret! I’ll be making my return to the glorious land of the brave on 4/20… with Jimmy Cliff on blast. Should make for an interesting workday.

Anyway, I’ll be taking pictures, checking out the lifestyle and catching some art/music. I hear there’s quite an urban-street art scene here. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:


Adios for now. Catch me on the tweet tip.

(In other news: Woody Harrelson mistook a photographer for a zombie on Wednesday night.)