TOMORROW: FYF Fest should still be called the FUCK YEAH FEST but i guess they’re a bunch of scaredy cats with No Age, Black Lips, Tim & Eric from Adult Swim, Lightning Bolt

finally, L.A. has a festival worthy of Pitchfork status. the F Yeah Festival (previously the Fuck Yeah Fest) has gone even more wuss and titled themselves the FYF Fest this year, but what they are lacking in balls they have more than made up for with a crazy gigantor lineup of indie superstars, and yes, ‘indie superstars’ is totally a contradiction in terms…
tomorrow is the day, and the show is being headlined by  The Black Lips, Tim & Eric, and Lightning Bolt, plus a ton of other WTTD favs like No Age, The Thermals, Glass Candy, Mika Miko, Crystal Antlers, Telepathe, Peanut Butter Wolf, Har Mar Superstar, and (TINT fav) Wavves, who is, hilariously, WAYYYYY down on the list. there are a ton of other acts, too. you can see the posted lineup, set times, etc., at the FYF site.

and all this for a whopping twenty bucks? FUCK YEAH! oh, i mean FY! they’re also saying that it’s a “Save Our State Parks Festival”, and i’m not sure exactly if money is supposed to go to the state parks or whatever because the site says they’re just raising ‘awareness’, which is a little sketchy. there is a whole dollar being added for charity, though. so i guess they’re doing more than i am. well fuck that. no one outclasses jesus satan, FYF Fest! here. now i’m raising awareness.

FYF Fest Save Our State Parks