TOMORROW: GRN Apple Tree Presents: Life Drawing Session with Naked People.

Kick off your Saturday night by getting in touch with your inner artist. And drinking beer with nude chicks. Drinks courtesy of Nakhon Beer and Honest Tea. Mmm naked people and tea, a personal favorite. Check out the facebook event for more. Artist’s gotta bring their own supplies.

7pm to 10pm
The Archrival
349 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA

Music by Them Jeans and special guest dj’s

“A Life Drawing event featuring three live nude models. Come study surface anatomy and experience the human form take shape through different assortments of dry and wet media.”

One thought on “TOMORROW: GRN Apple Tree Presents: Life Drawing Session with Naked People.

  1. Hey I can relate to this. Back in my native Sarasota Florida, when I made the transition from gymnastics to acrobatics and adagio, after my injury, Kathy, the girl that became my acrobatic partner and I became figure models, after we were invited by a figure drawing teacher and her class after they came out to sketch us Circus arts students during our practice.
    And then a couple months after that, Cathy had gotten an assignment to model for Life Drawing, and I came to sketch her as I was learning to draw, When I was sitting in to critiques and demos during one of my model breaks.
    Except unlike the students in that picture are usually stood out sitting amongst the students, because I was the only one amongst them that had a robe and flip-flops on .
    But then, when the drawing instructor was introduced to me by Cathy and then the teacher told the class that she and I did acrobatics and a circus class, they all decided to chip in to pay me for an hour so that I can do a duo pose with Kathy doing some quick acrobatic poses for the final hour. What a feeling to go from coming in and sketching and then getting on the other side of the session during the same session.

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