TOMORROW NIGHT: Nouvelle Vague is either with us or against us at the Henry Fonda Theatre

Ah the French..  they eat cheese and baguettes, drink wine,  smoke cigarettes, and take extended holiday on the beaches.. the topless beaches.  Nouvelle Vague is just another great product of France.  The Parisian band is known for bringing new life to the classic  punk rock, post punk and New Wave  songs they cover.  Their latest album NV3, set to release in the US the end of June,  features Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore singing “Master and Servant” ; Ian McCulloch of Echo And The Bunnymen duetting on “All My Colours”; Marina Celeste performing “Our Lips Are Sealed” with Terry Hall of the Specials and Funboy Three,  and Magazine’s “Parade” sung by Barry Adamson and NV’s Nadeah Miranda.
Got a ticket yet?  Allons- y! (i don’t know what that means.)
nouvelle Vagues album plays the henry fonda in los angeles