TONIGHT: 60 Watt Kid is electric (haha, get it?) at the Echo in Los Angeles

hey! in the mood for Animal Collective but not willing to pay outrageous bigshot prices for traveling to wherever it is in the world that they are? great! have i got the show for you! tonight 60 Watt Kid plays the Echo with Best Coast and Gowns. they have plenty of good rapport about town for good live shows and stuff, and even a low-rent version of Animal Collective is still better than no Animal Collective.
here’s a video of their new single Ocsicnarf Nas from a recent performance at the Smell to give you a little taste. (i’m guessing they’re a little more exciting in person.) you can also check out the official video over at Stereogum who is aparently much cooler than us as it’s not yet available to stream from elsewhere. i thought we meant something to you, 60 Watt Kid.

60 Watt Kid at the echo in Los angeles with best coast and gowns