TONIGHT (and the next three days!): Art Brut is spending four days with us before leaving and never calling or writing, the bastards…

Art Brut – Moving To L.A.

Art Brut – Moving To L.A. (how could i not?)

Art Brut‘s upcoming album is called Art Brut Vs. Satan, and apparently they’ve decided to celebrate the release with Art Brut Vs. JESUS SATAN because they’re attacking MY HOME TURF of Los Angeles the next four nights with totally UNPROVOKED assaults, three shows in a row at Spaceland (tonight, tomorrow and the 18th) and a final desperate attempt at the echo on the 19th. starting a little preemptive war lads? looking for some weapons of mass destruction, lads? well, unlike the last administration, you’re going to find them. you’ll see my nuclear stockpile when i flex, motherfuckers and it’ll be the LAST thing you’ll ever see, too.

guh... guh... i... guh. that's just not right.