TONIGHT: Brandi Milne opening at Thinkspace

Brandi Milne and her world of anthropomorphic ice cream, happy octupuses, and weirdo shiny eye faces is having a little ol’ opening tonight at bad ass gallery Thinkspace. (watch out! last time i was at Thinkspace, someone tried to stone us. not with drugs, but with actual rocks. just another night in sunny Los Angeles for jesus satan, i guess. next time, assholes of the world, i prefer drugs to violence, okay?…) anywho, pretty dope stuff, and she’s kind of purdy, too…
there is going to be an Easter Egg hunt tonight, as well… from the site: ‘Brandi Milne’s Easter Egg Hunt’ details*:
A large number of Easter eggs will be hidden about the gallery (both inside and out) for patrons to hunt for and discover. Each egg will contain a special ticket, good for one of many prizes to be redeemed that evening, including the grand prize, a framed one-of-a-kind original drawing from Brandi herself. Other prizes will include limited edition giclee prints, copies of Brandi’s latest book with Baby Tattoo “So Good For Little Bunnies”, one-of-a-kind original sketches, one-of-a-kind hand-made creations from Brandi, copies of her new Gelaskins, and much more.

*Limit one egg per patron during the hunt


Run Rabbit, Run from Brandi Milne:
Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Brandi Milne always had a love for creativity. Growing up, she was happily influenced by the oddities of the 1970’s and 80’s, vintage Halloween decorations, classic cartoons and an abundance of nostalgic child playthings. A self taught artist and illustrator, Milne’s work represents a melding of many very different genres while embracing beauty and aesthetic over message or propaganda. Milne has shown at numerous galleries throughout California including Corey Helford Gallery, CoproNason, Gallery 1988 LA and SF, and La Luz de Jesus.