TONIGHT: Cold War Kids Have Warm Bleeding Liberal Hearts With A FREE Concert At Busker Fest

Tonight head to Downtown Long Beach’s East Village Art District for some good ‘ol busking.

Cold War Kids Loyalty cover

Beginning at 6pm local bands line the streets of downtown Long Beach to play 25 minute acoustic style sets while the audience stroll by (flask in pocket) tossing wooden nickles into performers’ guitar cases. Local bands include Free Moral Agents, Deep Sea Diver, So Many Wizards (check these guys out, I’m going to make it rain, uh, hail nickles on them), Chris Paul Overall, Pawn Shop Kings, Brook Lee Catastrophe, and 60 Watt Kid to name a few. At the end of the evening the band who has acquired the most wooden nickels will open for the Cold War Kids on the main stage. Attendees should get there at 6pm to collect the wooden nickles, maps and band schedules. Busking begins at 7pm, the second occurs at 7:30, and the last at 8pm. Cold War Kids begin their set at 9pm at the main stage on First and Elm Avenue. If you’re smart you’ll get there by bike (please reference ‘flask in pocket’ comment above *ed. note: you can still get a DUI riding a bike while intoxicated. WTTD releases itself of all responsibility at all times, however, so go ahead and get drunk and ride your bike. fuck if we care.) to score the free bicycle valet parking courtesy of Long Beach Cyclists.

Busker Fest is TONIGHT
East Village Arts District
1st Street and Linden Blvd Long Beach 6 – 10pm
Cold War Kids at 9pm