TONIGHT: Decemberists at the Palladium

Hazards of Love

Hazards of Love

The Decemberists are fantastic live, so if you can stomach the Palladium, you should go if you can. It used to be the worst place in town to see a show, but I haven’t been there since they refurbbed it last year. Although it was never the structure that sucked—it was the Gestapo-like management.

It’s now under the management of Live Nation, a Clear Channel spin-off. So continued fascism seems likely.

Even so, the Decemberists are an amazing band (ask all the fans who submit art & tattoos to their website), and if you see a good enough show, you can overlook the fascist crap.

Listen to the Decemberist’s new album, Hazards of Love, streaming at Entertainment Weekly’s imeem.

Download it at lala for $3.99. (As tweeted earlier today by WTTD.)