TONIGHT: Downtown Art Walk eschews last month’s pretentious art for this month’s even more pretentious art in Los Angeles

the Downtown Art Walk is tonight, and it is going to be cuh-ray-zee, because as the warm summer season arrives, there are just THAT many more drunk people out in the streets. check out our recent gallery from June’s night of debauchery for plenty of porn slash art, plus lots of alcohol-fueled shenanigans (although that happened mostly behind the shutter). jesus satan will see you there, and he might just take your picture if you’re lucky… or if you’re willing to take your clothes off for free.

June 2009 Downtown Art Walk in Los Angeles, there is another this coming Thursday July 09

definitely going to be checking out Dennis Dutzi‘s posthumous fund-raiser at the Pharmaka gallery. pretty amazing Socal portraiture, and the benefits go to the Colors of Hope charity for support of cancer patients and their families.

Dennis Dutzi - Heilman

ALSO definitely going to be checking out Christy Rogers‘ Siren collection at the Spring Arts (453 S. Spring St., 90013) Collective group show. she takes underwater portraits of herself as dreamlike, drowning nudes (sort of like my dreams every night) and some of it is really beautiful stuff.

Christy Rogers - Turchina nude from her Sirens exhibit

Christy Rogers Sirens Collection of underwater nudes at the Spring Arts Galleries in Los Angeles