TONIGHT: Fritz Helder and The Phantoms menace Los Angeles at Cinespace

tonight Fritz Helder & The Phantoms will be celebrating the release of their debut album, Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition (hee hee, get it? it’s their first album, but they’re calling it Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition? ha!) at Cinespace for Dim Mak‘s (i.e. Steve Aoki and The Cobra Snake and pals) weekly Tuesday event. the event is hosted by Nelly Furtado who is releasing the record under her new indie label, Nelstar Music. to me they sound a lot like a Scissor Sisters that doesn’t suck, but you can judge for yourself after watching the fcuking sweet video above. most importantly, there is free vodka from 10-11, which means jesus satan will be at this one, folks, in case you needed any extra incentive. follow the white rabbit.

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms live at Cinespace