TONIGHT: Mika Miko likes alliteration as well as repetition at the Smell

Mika Miko – I Got A lot (New New New) mp3

Mika Miko – I Got A Lot (New New New)

reprising their show from a couple of weeks ago, Mika Miko is playing at The Smell again tonight, this time with AUDACITY, The Widow Babies, and UV Lights. since according to Wikipedia they are an “underground youth punk/noise band”, you should really go, if only to be cool. i mean, you wouldn’t want to miss being underground, would you? or is “not being underground” the new “underground”? jesus satan just can’t keep up with the kids anymore.

Mika Miko gettin' blurry with it
Mika Miko gettin’ blurry with it