THIS WEEKEND: Shellac sprays all over the Echoplex

Shellac – Crow mp3

Shellac – Crow

old-school punk bands from Chicago equals awesome. Shellac is playing tonight and tomorrow night at the Echoplex. in his normal life front man Steve Albini is also a producer, and has been involved in a few albums you might have heard of, like Nirvana’s In Utero. but by night he’s in some of the most influential midwest punk bands out there, including Rapeman, Big Black and now Shellac. this is a three thumbs up show from jesus satan, the songs are meticulously excellent, and Albini and co. are always cracking wise, so it’s fun to watch even between the songs.

Jesus Lizard – Panic In Cicero mp3

Jesus Lizard – Panic In Cicero

make it a Chicago indie punk double feature by seeing the Jesus Lizard when they hit the Henry Fonda on October 15th!

Steve Albini and Shellac hit the Echoplex in Los Angeles