TONIGHT: Sparklehorse, David Lynch and Danger Mouse, together at last and it feels so fine, part three… opening at Michael Kohn

Dark Night Of The Soul is having lots of drama behind the album what with record label EMI threatening to sue Dangermouse and company if it is released… good thing us Angelenos still have the  David Lynch exhibit tonight at Michael Kohn Gallery to look forward to with like photos and stuff that interpret the songs of the album or whatever. maybe there will even be some ill gotten goods that might be distributed to the masses there from the Dark Night Of The Soul group… it seems likely. hell hath no fury like an artist scorned. so i’ll probably see you there. wear some riot gear, it might prove to be a dangerous evening full of music pirating and RIAA shock troops.

Dark Night Of The Soul David Lynch Sparklehorse and Dangermouse exhibit at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles