TONIGHT: SPECTRUM finds us a rainbow with Abe Vigoda at The Echo

Abe Vigoda – Don’t Lie

Abe Vigoda – Don’t Lie

Sonic Boom’s band SPECTRUM is playing the Echo tonight, and all of you should go since you owe him your precious shoegaze. with a young whippersnapper named Jason Pierce (J. Spaceman), Sonic Boom became one of the founding fathers of fuzz rock by forming the Spacemen 3. Spacemen 3 spent their time ‘exploring’ more than being a rock band, as you can see by two of my favorite album titles, Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To and For All The Fucked Up Children In The World We Give You Spacemen 3. after the break up, J. Spaceman went on to form Spiritualized (don’t even get me started on how perfect they are), while Sonic Boom and SPECTRUM followed more closely to the laid back repetitiveness of Spacemen 3. the show should be pretty good as long as you’re in a lazy nod your head kind of mood. not going to be a lot of mosh pits at this one. Abe Vigoda opens up (the band, not the awesome seventies actor), and the Entrance Band is also playing.


so, like, what are you doin' later? wanna come back to my place, do some heroin and nod off to my soundscapes?


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  1. @Marilyn Roxie
    unfortunately, i missed this one… (ol’ j. satan is a super nerd, and i already had tickets to the Star Trek midnight show at the Arclight Cinerama dome.) saw them last year open up for My Bloody Valentine, though i would have preferred to see them in a club atmosphere.

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