TONIGHT: The Always Sunny in Philly Cast Performs NIGHTMAN LIVE @ The Beacon Theater.

In this epic struggle between good and evil, you will witness firsthand, the amazing cat-like cunning of NIGHTMAN as he tries to corrupt a poor boy’s soul. There are many adventures to be had along the way as nightman encounters the troll (you may be wondering who plays this character?… all in due time my friends… all in due time) and must pay his toll if he wants to get anywhere near the boy’s hole… ahem, soul. You’ll laugh (during the graphic rape scene), you’ll cry (during the graphic rape scene)! You don’t wanna miss it!

Catch the gang tonight at the Beacon Theater, 8pm. There are a few tickets left on StubHub for INSANE prices if you’re late to the game.

its always sunny in philadelphia cast photo