TONIGHT, TOMORROW AND SATURDAY: get your bloodlust on at Silent Movie Theater with Cinefamily

Embodiment of Evil from coffin joe aka jose mojica marins

Cinefamily has programmed a great fucking month of quality (in other words, terrible) horror films and i’m truly sorry i haven’t been able to post more about the absolutely stellar run they’ve had. this week wraps up the series with a trilogy of terror (no, not the movie, but definitely the same general idea) tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday. tickets for all three evenings are available via their calendar page here.
tonight there is a triple-feature with Hatchet (even though the amazing Chopping Mall is pictured in their flyer for some reason), Shakma and Night of the Demon.

Slasherpalooza gonzo slasher films at silent movie theater cinefamily
tomorrow night, and holy fuck buttons do i want to go to this but i’ll be too busy getting loaded, is a double feature from torture porn auteur José Mojica Marins, with uncensored runs of Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind and Embodiment of Evil (wonderfully NSFW trailer below).

and Halloween they close it all up with the Bollyween party and fundraiser. info from the site below the pic.

Cinefamily Bollyween fundraiser

This Hallow’s Eve, The Cinefamily joins forces with Dublab to throw the best Halloween party ever, Bollywood-style! One thing they really understand in India: every movie’s better with song-and-dance numbers — even horror movies! In that spirit, the Cinefamily premieres Bollyweird: The Movie — our very own feature-length video mashup celebrating the most horrifying, fantastic, costume-crazed and outlandish moments of vintage Indian musical madness ever. This isn’t just Bollywood, it’s Bollyweeeeeird. Then, once the movie’s over, we’re gonna clear the couches, light the incense, make a dance floor, start doing the electric vindaloo, and have a real monster mashala!

+ Drinks and dosas (provided by The Dosa Truck)!
+ Ghoulish giveaways!
+ Costume prizes!
+ DJ sets from the dublab “Bloodsucking” Sound System and Dr. Who Witchcraft Coven!
+ Live performances by freaks like:
12am – Bobb Bruno
1am – Private Beach + the pschedelic horror film Snake Mountain Colada!
2am – Golden Hits
+ The Phantom Photo Booth!
+ Franken Stand’s vegan hot dogs!
+ Terrifying tarot readings!
+ The best Halloween ever! It’s better than Halloween…its Bollyween!