tonight, tonight…

so this is also tonight… should be lots of funs and lots of arse. then head over to Control at the Avalon for Princess Superstar

Sugar Hair Salon 

dj sets by bebe deer, oonce oonce, and katie byron 
live musical performances by warrior line, sister mantos   

Worlds will be pulled together on february 27th! 



We’ve spent the past few months reaching out to los angeles based artists and craftspeople and our search led us to a spiraling web of talent. 100 artists each worked within a square foot framework, and priced their piece at or below $100 (so that YOU can walk off with something totally special!) we hope that bridges and relationships will be made, artists will be supported, work will be bought…and that for our opening, you come out and have a good time.   

We’re also making a book for this show. all proceeds go to the mexicali rose, the grass roots communitarian organization dedicated to providing free access to artistic media for the lower income community youth of mexicali, baja california. we are excited to let los angeles give our friends in baja a solid high five. 

Please join us in making this magical!

Sugar hair salon/Adriana Rodriguez/ Maria Gonima/ Katie Byron

P.S. Parking WILL be an issue so ….carpool, ride your bike, take the bus or walk.