TONIGHT: Tortoise comes out of their shells with a free show at Amoeba Hollywood. good thing, too, cause Saturday at the Troubadour is allllll sold out…

Tortoise – Adverse Camber (Autechre Remix) mp3

Tortoise – Adverse Camber (Autechre Remix)

tonight Tortoise is playing a free show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood at 6pm for those poor bastards (i.e. YOU) that didn’t get tickets for the sold out show this Saturday night with Earthless at the Troubadour. there’s likely to be a line tonight, so if you’re STILL a poor bastard because you can’t get in to Amoeba either, then you’re only KIND OF a poor bastard because Amoeba is going to stream the show for you live here. that way everyone gets to share. isn’t that nice of them? don’t forget to send them a thank you letter, or next time they might not get you anything at all.

Tortoise One Man Marching Band cgan946lTortoise – July 11th at the Troubadour
A historic band for indie rock, this Chicago band is credited with “revolutionizing” American indie rock in the mid-’90s by emphasizing the incorporation of a variety of left-field music genres from the past 20 years, like Krautrock, dub, avant-garde jazz, classical minimalism, ambient and space music, film music, and British electronica instead of the punk and rock & roll influences–which had dominated indie rock for years before. While hard to categorize this mostly instrumental band, it seems the overall consensus of the genre has been dubbed ‘post-rock’. They have a new album out next month Beacons of Ancestorship–long awaited since their last release in ’06. They will bring you all the live music you can handle! Another not-to-miss.
Check, check, check it out: