TONIGHT: Van Stone with Arnocorps and The Mentors at the Roxy in Los Angeles

i don’t know who Van Stone is but who gives a shit because tonight motherfcuking Arnocorps is opening up for them at the Roxy. WTTD has already talked a little about them way back when (i.e. a couple months ago), and it’s about god damned time they bring their punk rock Governator kitsch to Hell-A. tickets are a puny ten dollurs (said in Schwarzeneggar-ian…)

ArnoCorps : “I’m Ballsy” Heroic Montage Video

not like you need another excuse to go get tickets RIGHT NOW, but to top it off, weirdly, “rape rock” pioneers The Mentors are opening, as well. although The Mentors really isn’t The Mentors without El Duce ‘singing’, or in other words talking into the mic drunkenly about how much women suck. this is the guy who claimed in public that Courtney Love asked him to kill Kurt Cobain… then El Duce suddenly stepped in front of a train… on accident… things that make you go hmmmm….
The Mentors Duceifixion w/ El Duceanyways, these guys together are pretty much a once in a lifetime experience. not necessarily a GOOD lifetime experience, but one i wouldn’t miss nonetheless.

Arnocorps Ballsy West Coast Tour