Wednesday Wineup – 6/17

oh my! how interesting!

oh my! how interesting!

Father’s Day doesn’t have the power to draw out the winos quite like Mother’s Day does, but it definitely ups the beer tastings. Thus, the following deduction:

Wine drinkers have mommy issues. Beer drinkers have daddy issues.

jesus satan has taken it upon himself to insert images into my posts, presumably in an attempt to make me interesting. It’s a losing battle. I can’t wait to see what picture js comes up with for this week.

Wednesday – 6/17

Silverlake Wine Residency @ the Standard Downtown. 5-8pm. $20. Call SLW for details: 323.662.9024.

Wine Cellar Wednesdays @ Colorado Wine Co. All day. $0 corkage.

Vino Artistico – blues with Blue2 @ 55 Degree Wine. 7:30pm. $15.

BYOW Wednesdays @ Pasadena. All day. $0 corkage. I imagine it’s always possible to bring your own wine into Pasadena without paying corkage, but on BYOW Wednesday, you can bring your own wine into a restaurant(!) in Pasadena (!!) wihtout corkage. Some restaurants, anyway.

Thursday – 6/18

Thursday Night Flights with Let’s Be Frank. White: CA Savignon Blanc; Red: Southern French Blends @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Sake Tasting featuring Vine Connections and Joto Sake with Kenny Crowder @ K&L Wine Merchants. 5:30-7:30pm.

Friday – 6/19

Wine Tasting: TBD @ Colorado Wine Co. 5:30-8:30pm. $15.

Saturday – 6/20

Saturday Social @ City Sip. 5-7pm. $12.

California Cabernet @ K&L Wine Merchants. 3-6pm.

Wine Tasting Bar: Sangria Saturdays @ Colorado Wine Co. Homemade Sangria while it lasts.

Sunday – 6/21

Sundays at 3: Burgundy @ Silverlake Wine. 3pm. $20.

Lazy Sunday Tasting @ Colorado Wine Co. 1-4pm. $12.

After 9 Sunday @ City Sip. 9-11pm. 1/2 off glasses of all open bottles.

Fuck you, Dad. We’re celebrating Mother Earth today. Solstice, Sun, & Moonshine: Beer tasting @ 55 Degree Wine. 5-10pm.

For the Westside: Father’s Day Beer Brunch @ Blvd 16. 10am-2pm. Unlimited beer & food. $35. Well played, Westside, well played.

Monday – 6/22

Blue Monday @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Tuesday – 6/23

Wine Edumacation: Latin Lovers @ City Sip. 7-9pm. $50.

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