Wednesday Wineup – 8/26

This week in wine & beer. Plus, why you should go to the OC and bonus pontification (A first for WW!): What the hell is wrong with BevMo.

Maybe if you drink enough the OC isn't so bad...

Maybe if you drink enough the OC isn't so bad...

Wednesday – 8/26

Vino Artistico w/ The Surrenders @ 55 Degree Wine. Wine and jazz. 7:30pm. $15.

Wine Cellar Wednesdays @ Colorado Wine Co. All day. $0 corkage.

Summer Happy Hour @ City Sip. 5:30-7pm. Wine & food specials.

Silverlake Wine Residency @ the Standard Downtown. Featuring Bordeaux. 5-8pm. $20. Call SLW for details: 323.662.9024.

Thursday – 8/27

Atwater’s Summer Nights on the Boulevard: Music, dancing, art, and food along Glendale Blvd. Wine tasting in the cellar @ 55 Degree Wine. 6-10pm.

Thursday Night Flights with Let’s Be Frank. White: Loire Valley; Red: Montrasell @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Wine Tasting 101 @ K&L Wine Merchants. 6-7:30pm. $15.

Summer Happy Hour @ City Sip. 5:30-7pm. Wine & food specials.

Friday – 8/28

Friday Wine Tasting: @ Colorado Wine Co. 5:30-8:30pm. $15. 

LAST CHANCE for Barnsdall Fridays w/ Silverlake Wine @ Hollyhock House, Barnsdall Art Park. 5:30-7:30pm. Last Hollyhock tasting of the summer. $15-23.

Beer Tasting: Alaska Brewery Coolers @ BevMo WeHo. 4-7pm. If you’re stuck in the suburbs, you probably need a drink worse than the rest of us, so this tasting is also going on at Burbank, Pasadena, and other BevMos. Check the link for a full list. OR, you can schlep out to Van Nuys and do it on Saturday.

Saturday – 8/29

Saturday Social @ City Sip. 5-7pm. $12.

Wine Tasting Bar: Sangria Saturdays @ Colorado Wine Co. Homemade Sangria while it lasts.

New Releases from Italy @ K&L Wine Merchants. 3-6pm.

Beer Tasting: Alaska Brewey Coolers @ BevMo VanNuys. 12-3pm. I never thought I’d say this, but Van Nuys is getting it right. I don’t know what the hell all those other BevMos are thinking. Note to BevMo: Anyone who shows up at 4pm on a weekday for a beer tasting is THE WRONG KIND OF CUSTOMER. People who are available to start drinking in the middle of the workday are probably not the sort who can afford to buy lots of fancy booze at your store. I certainly can’t make it to a 4pm Friday beer tasting and I am a person who will go to great lengths to drink for free, especially in the afternoon. So I’m already the wrong kind of customer. Imagine what the people who can make it must be like.

Wine Tasting: Diageo @ BevMo WeHo. 12-3pm. At most LA-area BevMos (including Van Nuys). Check the link for a full list.

Sunday – 8/30

Sundays at 3: BEER tasting w/ Heirloom-LA @ Silverlake Wine. 3pm. $20.

Lazy Sunday Tasting @ Colorado Wine Co. 1-4pm. $12.

After 9 Sunday @ City Sip. 9-11pm. 1/2 off glasses of all open bottles.

Beer Tasting: Cali Lovlies @ 55 Degree Wine. Featuring The Bruery & Alesmith. 5-10pm.

There’s finally a reson to go to the OC: OC Beer Fest! Over 60 breweries, In-n-Out, and 80s glam rock covers. Irvine Lake. 2-5pm. $40. Tickets WILL NOT be sold @ the door, so you better get ’em now. Leave it to the OC to make drinking hard. Sigh.

Monday – 8/31

Blue Monday @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Tuesday – 9/1

Summer Happy Hour @ City Sip. 5:30-7pm. Wine & food specials.

24 Taps + 4 Hours = $4 Beers @ Blue Palms Brewhouse. 6-10pm. All beers, $4.

Wine Tasting with Staci @ 55 Degree Wine. 6-9pm. I never know what Staci has up her sleeve since 55 Degree Wine doesn’t announce the tasting details until the day-of for this one, but she does something amazing every Tuesday, so you should check her out.