Wednesday Wineup – April 1

genuine_risk_cabThis week in wine:

Wednesday – 4/1

Silverlake Wine Residency @ the Standard Downtown. 5-8pm. $20. Call SLW for details: 323.662.9024.

Wine Cellar Wednesdays @ Colorado Wine Co. All day. $0 corkage.

Thursday – 4/2

7 People*7 Passions*7 Minutes @ 55 Degree Wine. 7-9:30pm. $28.

Thursday Night Flights with Let’s Be Frank @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wine? @ Colorado Wine Co. 6-8pm. $25.

Friday – 4/3

Wine Tasting: All Hail Jimmy Pants @ Colorado Wine Co. 5:30-8:30pm. $15.

Saturday – 4/5


Sunday – 4/6

Sundays at 3 @ Silverlake Wine. 3pm. $20.

Lazy Sunday Tasting @ Colorado Wine Co. 1-4pm. $12.

Monday – 4/7

Blue Monday @ Silverlake Wine. 5-9pm. $12.

Tuesday – 4/8


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wineup – April 1

  1. holy amazing… how did you find all these? damn, Precoce, are you on like every alcoholic list ever? by the way, i think we should start a new list… like a way to get drunk and eat for free every single day somewhere in Los Angeles. i think we could do it…

  2. @jesus satan
    Um, I think you mean “connoisseur list.”

    And these are just the wine houses I frequent. I didn’t list anything from the Westside or any place I’ve never been. As my drinking radius expands, so will the list.

    Start with today–where can I eat for free?

  3. @Le precoce feroce
    hmmmm… no art openings tonight. this is tough. only thing i know of is happy hour at Q’s on Wilshire with free appetizers. this would have to be a regular feature to make the work worthwhile. maybe we could start a calendar.

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