Wilco’s Jay Bennett Dead at 45.

Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer

Former Wilco member, Jay Bennett, was found dead yesterday at the age of 45; Cause of death still unknown. That really sucks, he was a driving force behind some of their best work and a very talented session musician.

I knew he had a history of heavy smoking and weight issues but it seems like he was physically fit according to this 2008 interview in Glide magazine:
Absolutely – I’m doing a lot better.  I had a handful of unhealthy years; then I had a couple slouchy years when I was trying to get over the crazy stuff, you know … now it feels like things are more balanced.  No coffee – no booze – no drugs.  I’m trying to eat better and exercise more … and I’m down to the five-ish cigarettes a day.  I’m feeling good.” – Bennett


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