Witness The Eternal Moonwalk…

Many interesting events have occurred with the passing of Michael Jackson:

The internet almost broke (seriously).

News stations around the globe have been offering 24/7 coverage of MJ’s life… everyday… subsequently burying stories like the one about that governor who ran away to Argentina to get his nasty on (good timing!).

MJ is topping ALL the charts just like the good ol’ days, I’m talking album sales, iTunes tracks, singles, pop charts, you name it… even on ultimate-guitar.com (a guitar sheet music website) 2 of his songs are in the top 10, he didn’t even play guitar!

But so far, this is one of the most fun things I’ve seen in relation to his death: The Eternal Moonwalk. It’s great, go watch, listen, press buttons, send in a video, spread the word. Word.

Oh and if you need help learning, here are some moonwalk lessons to help you out. Anyone can dance, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white (eeee hee!).

eternal moonwalk