world, meet BatmanLovesDick

so not only does WTTD have a Twitter, so does Batman. announcing jesus satan as Batman Loves Dick. you can follow my exploits there, too, since i know you can never get enough of the hilarity. here’s a transcript of the conversation i had with TINT about starting a satirical Batman twitter…

there is a Batman already, but he scuks. lame. maybe THE Batman? nope, /the_batman
also taken.You can do like “the real batman “ or something… But looks like this market is TAPPED.

or loves?… like /BatmanLoves?

Loves, hates, whatever… Too complex for tweet.

no way,, …it’s genius.

Whatcha gon tweet about?

“The city is dark, like my soul. The Batman has decided to take up writing poetry when things are slow…” (how’s that?)

It’s good. Do it.

how often should i post?

Constantly, that’s how twitter rolls.

fuck… BatmanLovesRobi is as long as they’ll let me make it. fuck. BatmanLovesFuck? BatmanLovesDick? (that works because the first Robin was named Dick Grayson.)

Hahah perhaps even more clever?…

i need to take a picture with my Batman mask on for the avatar… any takers for photo credit?

You have a mask … With you?

yeah, sure, in case i need to fight crime. duh…

I will gladly take that photo.

oh, good. so i was thinking something along the lines of this?

Terry Richardson is a fcuking weirdo...