WTTD Featured @ Twitterstop.com.

Ello ello folks. This past Friday, Wreck The Tape Deck was featured on Twitterstop.com as part of their weekly #BackgroundFriday – Fave 5. Not to toot our own horn or anything… Well, in this case we’d be tweeting our own horn… but… ya know, enough with the wordplay and you can put your horn away now (seriously, I’m talking to you guy). But apparently they pick their top 5 Twitter backgrounds every Friday, so we’d like to thank them for their good taste and stylish ways. If websites could make love, surely WTTD and Twitterstop would’ve had a steamy one night stand that became really awkward when Twitterstop wanted to dress up as a bird and WTTD broke out the leather-daddy garb.

In their words:
Here at Twitterstop.com we love two things:  Media & Design.  When the two mix well, we’ll often slap ourselves.  We love Twitter and when we see backgrounds that are designed well we have to acknowledge them.

Every Friday we’ll be doing #BackgroundFriday and featuring our top 5 or 10 favorite Twitter Background designs.  Today is the debut of #backgroundfriday, so enjoy our Fave5 for the day (in no particular order).  You can visit each of these pages by clicking on each screenshot.  Enjoy.



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